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I am THIS CLOSE to just starting over with my blog or dumping it entirely.

My web hosting company, Media Temple, is horrendously bad. When I first moved there, they were awesome in both service and support, and totally worth the premium I was paying to have them host my blog. But then they moved everybody to a “Grid Server” system that has been an ass-sucking pile of shit since day one. Not a week goes by that my domain is down completely or running so slow that it might as well be down. Technical glitches pop up all the time. For the past two days, accessing the MT Control Panel for my blog takes MINUTES. Hell, just approving a comment can take up to FIFTEEN MINUTES. Media Temple says they’re working on the problem, but that’s what they say every damn time something goes wrong, and the overall problem of up-time, speed, and stability NEVER IMPROVES.

Why Media Temple can’t just declare their Grid Server a colossal failure and go back to something that works is beyond me.

It’s easy for everybody to say “Well, just move to a different hosting company!” But the reality of moving to a new hosting company is not so easy. First of all, I’ve been booted off two previous hosting companies because my blogging platform (Movable Type) “uses too many system resources.” And then there’s the migration itself… Movable Type does not export a lot of critical information when you move, so you have to do a database transfer which has never worked for me.

It’s all just such a huge load of crap and I’m tired of messing with it. Why do I continue to torture myself with a blog that just makes my life miserable? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for a while now, and I’m running out of responses that convince me to keep going.

I should have never strayed from MySpace.

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